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All Research up to Blockchain Interoperability is completed

We are driven to lead organizations to a more secure future.

We believe our customers’ core success is found in adopting efficient security programs that empower true business transformation and growth.

We are the leading current-generation security solutions provider ensuring safe and secure digital transformation.

You Get Complete Website Security
From Us

Malware Detection and Removal

We can scan your website, remove any malware and keep it from future infections.

Content Delivery Network

Take advantage of our expertise in distributing traffic over CDNs for unparallel performance and security.

Security From Ground Up

When it comes to security it is not about what you know, but what you do not.  By addressing the entire stack we minimize the risk to your business.

Best Practices

Not all practices apply to every business. We can help you implement the Best Practices that you need to make your business run efficiently

Incident Response

Responding to an incident timely is critical. Let us help you prepare.

Content Delivery Network

When it comes to delivering your content efficiently and securely it is hard to beat some proven principles. let our expertise guide you through this.

Security By Design

Decades of experience have taught us that point solutions are not enough. We can help you design a truly secure solution

Our Approach

Client needs come first.  We will not propose a solution unless it is in your best interest.  

Our Mission

Combining a group of holistic, data-driven cybersecurity solutions, we identify gaps and solutions to help organizations minimize risk, maintain compliance, and increase efficiency.


Penetration Testing

Our Certified Ethical Hackers are ready to put your environment to a test.

Install and Configure Software

We can take the complexity out of security.  Let us show you how.

Incident Response Preparedness

Hackers go after the softest targets.  Lets make sure that you are not one of them

Something unique about us

How To Protect Your Website: The Manual Way

We will perform our work during off hours.  This way we stay out of your way and allow you to do what you do.

Penetration testing when it impacts you the least.  Others will charge you extra to work the nights and weekends.  We welcome it! 


Vladimir Markovic


Vladimir Markovic founded DataGuard LLC after realizing that small to medium businesses had no qualified cybersecurity experts taking care of their needs.  Our mission is to help even the smallest of businesses perform securely and efficiently, without burdening them with product that they do not need.

Zero Trust Model

Zero Trust is a network security model based on a rigorous identity verification process. The framework directs that only authenticated and authorized users and devices can access applications and data. At the same time, it protects these applications and users from advanced threats on the Internet. This model was first introduced by Forrester Research analysts. This is not a completely new theory, but it is becoming more and more important in today’s digital transformation and its impact on the security architecture of corporate networks.
Cyber Security
Cyber Security